Digital Printed Curtains

Combined with our key partner, Universal Graphics and their vast fleet branding and printing capabilities we now provide professional complete vehicle branding solutions for haulage companies throughout the U.K and Ireland.

As with all other areas of our business the focus is firmly on quality and state of the art technology innovation. Our clients include some of the largest companies in the U.K who we have provided solutions for vans, digitally printed curtainsides and tractor unit vehicle wraps.

Above are some examples of our customers work. The proccess we use is state of the art, with our own in-house colour management system making sure that the highest quality of print and finish is guaranteed all the time. All curtains go through a special laquering system for the best finished results. This not only enhances the the look of your new curtains but also acts as a protection against fading and abrasion caused by weathering and every day use.

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